10: Nokia Lumia 1020

Perhaps the best camera in any Smartphone to date, the Nokia Lumia 1020 boasts a 41-megapixel camera, DSLR, Full HD video and even allows you to play around with shutter speed, white balance, ISO, focus settings,  and other good things. It runs on Windows Phone 8, so you won’t be really spoiled for choice when it comes to getting good apps though.

3: Nest Protect

Nest Protect has transformed that old beeping smoke alarm into something funky. A gentle, feminine voice, which will guide you in times of an emergency, and some pretty colour lighting that tells you exactly what’s going on. The Nest Protect is a smoke and Carbon Monoxide detector that makes everything really simple and intuitive. Burnt the toast? Nest Protect won’t wake up the neighbourhood with an ear-piercing scream, but will simply advise, “There’s some smoke in the kitchen.” A simple wave with your hand will send her back to sleep. But with more smoke and Carbon Monoxide, she reacts accordingly.

And there’s an app for it too.

9: Dropcam Pro

A tiny camera that’s easy to set up, the Dropcam Pro links up with your WiFi and lets you watch basic live streaming from your smartphone or computer. There’s no need for messy wiring or calling in a technician, a little AC adapter does it all. Image quality is good, but expect a few seconds delay here and there.

3: iPad Air

Not just the lightest, but also one of the most powerful tablets on the market today, the iPad Air contains a dual-core A7 processor, other cool stuff, all in a single pound. Since the iPad’s first release in 2010, Apple has finally reduced that inch-thick bezel down to just two sides - really pretty looking.

It’s even thinner than your average pencil.

2: Google Chromecast

After a terrible Google TV, this search-engine-monster-corporation woke up, and wooed us so much, we wet our pants, and our panties too. Introducing, Google Chromecast. Plug this small and funky little dongle into your HD TV and stream content from your smartphone, tablet or computer device straight onto the telly. It all works via Wi-Fi, so there’s no messy cabling to spoil your day. And don’t worry about losing the remote, control everything with some iOS and Android apps.


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    December 2013